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Board of Trustees Overview

חבר הנאמנים

Meet the Board Members

Samantha (Sumi) Abeysekera
Samantha Abeysekera是Akerman LLP的合伙人. There she handles a wide range of
employment law issues, with a concentration on wage and hour matters including class and
collective action litigation before federal and state courts and the Department of Labor (DOL), 以及关于加班费的建议和咨询, exempt status, the calculation of hours worked, and other issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws. 萨曼莎还起诉单一原告和多原告就业歧视, harassment, 在联邦和州法院审理限制性契约问题, administrative agencies including the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and arbitrators.
萨曼莎一直是澳门十大正规老牌网赌PA的活跃成员,目前是家长多样性倡议小组的成员. 她是澳门十大正规老牌网赌的热心大使,有三个孩子, Rohan (6th grade), Leela (Class of 2021) and Nayan.

David Bryfman
大卫是犹太教育项目的首席执行官. After working in formal and informal Jewish educational institutions in Australia, Israel, and North America, David earned his Ph.D. in Education and Jewish Studies from NYU, focusing on the identity development of Jewish adolescents. David has authored several articles and presented broadly on topics ranging from the Jewish teenage experience, 创新和改变犹太人的生活, 以色列教育以及更广泛的犹太教育. David lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Mirm and two children Jonah (11) and Abby (8).

Alex Budnitsky
自从我从基辅来到美国, Ukraine, 亚历克斯已经在犹太社区领域工作了20多年,目前担任本森赫斯特伊迪丝和卡尔·马克斯犹太社区之家的首席执行官和执行董事. Under Alex’s leadership, Marks JCH已经从一个当地的犹太社区中心发展成为一个全面服务的人力服务机构,为来自纽约市30多个邮政编码的客户提供服务. Alex holds masters degrees in journalism and social work from Columbia University. 他毕业于非营利管理学院——哥伦比亚大学商学院和纽约uja联合会的联合项目,以及北美JCC协会管理的高管发展培训项目. His international involvement continues through his consulting in the former Soviet Union on strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership development for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), AVI CHAI Foundation, as well as many other NGOs. Alex is a member of the Board of the New York Chapter of the American Jewish Committee, 同时也是犹太社区中心协会的董事会成员, Subotnick Housing for the Elderly, 也是俄罗斯裔美国犹太人支持以色列的创始成员之一. Alex lives in Park Slope with his wife Maria and two daughters Anastasia and Talia Asya.

Andrew Ceresney
Andrew Ceresney is a partner in Debevoise’s New York office and Co-Chair of the Litigation Department. He represents public companies, financial institutions, asset management firms, accounting firms, boards of directors, 以及参与联邦和州政府调查以及联邦和州法院争议诉讼的个人. Andrew拥有多年的白领刑事和民事案件的起诉和辩护经验, 他曾在美国和法国的高级执法部门任职.S. 证券交易委员会和美国.S. 纽约南区检察官办公室. Mr. Ceresney曾审判和监督过许多陪审团和非陪审团审判,并在联邦和州上诉法院进行了多次上诉. From 2013 to 2016, Mr. Ceresney served as the Director of Enforcement at the SEC under Chair Mary Jo White. 安德鲁和他的妻子瑞秋·莱文是2018年澳门十大正规老牌网赌Gala的获奖者. He is a former Senesh Board member and is currently advising Senesh on governance related legal documents. 他的两个儿子毕业于senesh -伊桑15年和约拿18年.

Andrew Epstein
Andrew Epstein是北新泽西犹太联邦的财务和行政董事总经理,负责包括财务规划在内的核心财务职能, accounting, and payroll, as well as risk management, human resources, facilities and data processing. 在加入联邦之前,他曾担任Ascend Public Charter Schools的首席财务官9年,负责监督所有财务事务, 包括财务政策和规划, budgeting, accounting, regulatory compliance, financial reporting, payroll, employee benefits, insurance, purchasing systems and controls, and real estate borrowing. 安迪此前曾担任特许学校商业管理(CSBM)的顾问,并担任民主预备公立学校的高级财务总监. Prior to that, 安迪在音乐界工作了十年, 尤其是环球音乐集团和Island Def Jam. 他毕业于密歇根大学(在此期间,他在特拉维夫大学学习了一个学期),并在哥伦比亚大学获得工商管理硕士学位. 他和妻子住在布鲁克林, Lauren, and two young children, Layla和Sam(现在是Senesh一年级的学生). In his free time, Andy enjoys seeing live music, hiking, and watching sports, especially the New York Mets, 喷气机队,尼克斯队,密歇根狼獾队.

Yehudit Feinstein-Mentesh

Yehudit Feinstein-Mentesh是一位艺术家、作家和推动者. With extensive education and experience in psychoanalysis and happiness studies, 她相信创造性的表达是治愈的工具, growth, and change. 耶胡迪特的职业生涯始于一名教师和成人和青少年的辅导员. 之后,她在非营利部门工作了15年, 主持区域性小型聚会和大型活动, national, and global organizations. Now an independent practitioner, Yehudit提供研讨会,探索艺术和身份的交集,帮助人们充分融入他们的生活. Rooted in compassion, curiosity, and spiritual engagement, Yehudit的工作坊是为团体和个人设计的. She is especially focused on supporting the journeys of women and girls as they navigate personal challenges. Yehudit grew up in Israel and has lived in Brooklyn since 2000, where she resides with
her husband and three sons.

Ashley Firestone
Ashley Firestone (she/her) is a Senior Program Officer at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA). In this role, 她带头对美国最大的艺术公共资金竞争来源之一进行了广泛的股权改革 & culture. 她也是Minds at Work的创始人, a grassroots giving circle committed to compassionate justice across multiple issue areas, and serves on Senesh’s Parent
Diversity Committee. Ashley lives with her family in Brooklyn, and is a proud graduate of Brandeis University and NYU.

Chad Gessin
Chad Gessin是查塔姆开发公司/ First Dunes的合伙人, a Residential Development and Construction company focused on building comfortable, resilient, and environmentally conscious homes and communities in New York City and Long Island. Chad oversees all phases of the project life cycles including land acquisition and project finance, design and execution, and post construction operations.

Since 2004, Chad has managed the development, delivery, 超过250个家庭的长期成功, townhouses, and apartment units, bringing a deep passion for design, practicality, 以及每个项目的可持续性. Chad是两个共管公寓协会的董事会成员,包括自2010年以来担任125 North 10th Street condominium的总统. Chad received his
Bachelor of Science from Emerson College and accreditation by the US Green Buildings Council, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, 以及北美能源从业人员认证委员会. Chad resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife Courtney, 他们的女儿玛尔戈(2029届)和金毛猎犬奥多斯.

Ariella Golomb
Ariella是HealthpointCapital的董事总经理, 一家专注于医疗器械市场的私募股权公司. 她是公司投资团队的成员, 管理公司的科学顾问委员会和其他临床关系,并监督公司的运作. 在加入HealthpointCapital之前, Ariella was a Project Leader for the Health Care Practice of the Boston Consulting Group, where she advised global life science companies on strategic management issues including product positioning, 销售队伍重组和学术医疗中心联盟. While in business school, Ariella worked at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in the Women’s Health Marketing division. She is a member of the board of the Israeli medical device company, OrthoSpace Ltd., 以及哈佛大学公共卫生学院卫生政策与管理系执行委员会. Ariella received a B.A. and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences. She went on to receive an M.B.A. from the Wharton School with a concentration in Health Care Management and an M.D. from the School of Medicine. Ariella and her husband, Tal, live in Carroll Gardens with their two daughters Eden (Class of 2022) and Dalia (Class of 2025).

Lisa Kleinman
Lisa Kleinman is a writer and editor who works on print and digital marketing materials for clients, 从个人到非营利组织再到私营部门. 此前,她曾担任北美犹太联合会(Jewish Federations of North America)的营销董事总经理,并担任过各种机构通信领导职务. 丽莎是凯恩街犹太教堂的活跃教友领袖. Lisa is an alum parent, founding member of Senesh and a previous Chair of the Board. Her three adult sons graduated from Senesh—Jacob ‘03, Roger, ‘06 and Elliott ‘13. Lisa目前在董事会的进步委员会工作. 她为Senesh校友战略的发展做出了巨大贡献,并参与了Senesh@25活动的策划.

Avery Kotler
Avery是VirtualGC的创始负责人, 一个创新的法律澳门十大正规老牌网赌,为各种企业提供“虚拟”或外部总顾问服务.  His career has included big firm practice and in-house roles at Napster and Best Buy. Avery是几家初创公司的顾问委员会成员,也是好客家庭和朋友的董事会成员, a not-for-profit that offers free hotel rooms to visiting relatives of pediatric cancer patients. At Senesh, 艾弗里是年度活动的联合主席, supports his wife, Corinne’s, PA and gala work and can often be heard encouraging parents to march in the Israel Day Parade. 艾弗里和科琳娜与儿子伊莱(2023届)和布莱斯(2026届)一起住在卡罗尔花园,布莱斯经营着德格劳街协会(主要组织街区派对,听各种人抱怨无法解决的问题)。. 艾弗里喜欢和他的儿子们打冰球, 在银鸥海滩俱乐部的小屋, 照看他的后院"基布兹".

Melissa Kushner
Melissa Kushner is a global thought leader, non-profit-executive, and social justice advocate. 她是公认的国际发展专家,因远见卓识和成就而获得无数奖项. 梅丽莎是马拉维Yamba的创始人和董事会主席, 一个致力于终结儿童贫困的国际非营利组织. 她拥有纽约大学公共管理硕士学位和宾夕法尼亚大学城市研究学士学位. 梅丽莎目前是澳门十大正规老牌网赌董事会的副主席, 进步委员会的主席, co-chair of the Strategic Planning committee and a member of the Parent Diversity Committee. 梅丽莎住在卡罗尔花园, Brooklyn with her husband Jeremy Kaplan and four children Raya (Class of 2025), Aviv (Class of 2028), 蕾拉(2028届)和莉娜(2029届).

Marcella Kanfer Rolnick
Marcella Kanfer Rolnick专注于通过她多元化的家族企业(包括GOJO)每天创造意义和价值, 全球领先的专业皮肤护理和卫生解决方案, 还有一系列早期投资和两家慈善基金会. Marcella在多个营利性和非营利性董事会任职, 包括美国犹太人世界服务. She earned her BA in Public & International Affairs at Princeton University and MBA from Stanford University. She and her husband, Josh, 他们和三个孩子住在展望高地, Meyer (Class of 2019), Heshel (Class of 2021), and Lev (Class of 2024).

Andrew Salkin
安迪是100个弹性城市的首席运营官, 一个致力于帮助城市更好地应对威胁它们的经济和自然压力的非营利组织. Andrew holds a masters degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University, 以及威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校的经济学学士学位. 他和妻子住在克林顿山, Micki Fagan, and their two children, Asher(2019届)和Levi(2021届).

Judy Schoenberg
朱迪·勋伯格(Judy Schoenberg)是一位经验丰富的使命驱动型领导者,在专注于研究的社会领域拥有20年的专业经验, program development, strategy and philanthropy. She is currently a leadership consultant partnering with academic, non-profit, and start-up ventures. Previously, 在美国女童子军的15年任期内, 朱迪是首席研究执行官,领导了女童子军研究所. Her work has been featured at White House events and in national media outlets. 朱迪还担任过国家妇女基金会的项目官员和布鲁克林的法律倡导者. 她对社会行动和健康充满热情,曾是Coro Leadership纽约公民参与研究员,是一名认证的健康教练. For over a decade, she has co-led cooking classes with students at the Storefront Academy in East Harlem. 她目前是青少年食品正义委员会的成员, 一个年轻人主导的水培农场项目. Judy还是Senesh首创Giving Circle的主席. 朱迪拥有哈佛大学教育研究生院的教育学硕士(人类发展和心理学)和哈弗福德学院的文学学士(比较文学)学位. A native New Yorker, 她和丈夫住在布鲁克林, Jonathan and two sons, Robin(2022届)和Sascha(2025届)喜欢在伯克郡与家人和朋友共度时光.

Past Presidents

Amy Glosser
Chuck Goldman, z”l
Pam Kaplan
Jonathan Katz
Lisa Kleinman
Emily Reisbaum
Tori Rosen
Judy Schoenberg